Data Solutions

Production Databases




 We'll create a home for your data with a database which captures, stores, reports your data the way you want it to.  We specialize in stand alone databases which can be installed and run from a single windows pc, and that does not require a dedicated hardware server to run.

We also can create multi-user databases which operate on multiple workstations across your company floor. Multi-user access to your database information brings efficiency and flexibility to your working environment.


Production log book replacement:



 Old log books in your company can be replaced with an efficient database which can sort and report your data as you need it.

No clumsy books or paperwork , only your data presented to you, the way you need it.

Spreadsheet intergration:



Once your data is stored in your database it can be exported to your favourite spreadsheet software for further analysis or sent via email to fellow colleagues. Spreadsheet integration can easily be incorporated into your database.