About us



hellodata provides custom solutions to clients voice and data requirements, enabling small or large companies to benefit from efficient and cost effective solutions.


PBX Solutions:

In February 2005 the South African  telecommunications law was amended to allow private individuals and companies to implement their own voice networks, effectively allowing companies to install their own private branch exchange (PBX) between two or more locations. Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is the technology linking these locations and others to your business.

hellodata provides assessment, installation and configuration of private PBX equipment so clients can benefit from the huge cost savings and advanced features available on modern PBX equipment.


Data Solutions:

Business revolves around data. Whether you are in the service industry, retail or manufacturing the amount of data generated from ongoing operations is immense. Very often data which is generated from business activities is stored in an improvised fashion like log books, registers, word or spreadsheet documents. These measures may initially be suitable for short term projects, but as more data is collected these methods soon become impractical and demanding to uphold with little or no method to analyze the data efficiently.  hellodata provides custom solutions to your data requirements which will give you the power to analyze and gauge your business data at the click of a button. Our database solutions can tightly integrate into office applications so you can print, report, email or sms the data you need easily and efficiently.