Voice Solutions

Professional PBX

Our installed PBX lets you your company take advantages of many of the technological wonders and services available in todays market.

Once installed your system can connect to the internet and provide you with discounted call rates using a VOIP provider, route internal calls free of charge, answer calls and take messages for you, phone you or your staff member on their cell phone if there is no answer at their desk, email you notifications of voicemail, monitior and log all usuage, connect to other PBX over the interent to provide free calls between two PBX.


A Professional PBX can be installed with feature rich tools including the following:

  • Call routing and management.

  • Advanced caller log reports which are easily downloaded in excel or PDF format and accessible via any web browser.

  • Voicemail which can be emailed to any email address, or accessed via your web browser.

  • An operator panel which can monitor your incoming phones lines from a central point on your pc.

  • Call recording for monitoring quality and customer service issues.

  • After hours call routing.
  • An easy to upgrade system which is not based on closed technology, so you can benefit from new services and features as they become available.